Planning to grow your business

Looking to grow your business is an exciting stage in your business journey. You have built a good customer base and they are receiving your service or product well. However, it can also be intimidating and – similar to starting out – it is important to evaluate, plan and set goals. Here, we look at a variety of areas to think about when looking at growing your business including getting started with planning, ensuring business continuity, expanding your business online, sourcing funding for growth and recruiting new staff.

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What to consider when planning for growth

Funding for growth

Growing your business may mean new investment or funding. See some of the sources currently available.

Find the funding that works for you

Diversifying to secure your business

In difficult times, one effective strategy to secure your business’s future is by introducing new services.

Learn how you can diversify and thrive

Creating a business continuity plan

All organisations should have a business continuity plan to enable them to function in the case of an emergency.

Ensuring continuity while growing

Recruiting new staff

As you grow, you may need new staff with new skills to help you realise your ambitions.

Recruit the team you need

Growing your business online

Find out more about operating and marketing your business online – from social media to e-commerce.

Get started with online expansion

Choc Affair Wins Prestigious Made Smarter Yorkshire & Humber Award

The region's manufacturers took centre stage at Insider's 2024 Made in Yorkshire Awards. The prestigious event celebrated Yorkshire and Humber's world-class companies and their impact. One of the big winners was Choc Affair, the beloved York chocolatier renowned for its ethical and award-winning creations. Choc Affair clinched the top spot in the Made Smarter Yorkshire & Humber Awards.