Building a sustainable business

Meet Jack

Jack Colding is the Growth Hub’s specialist for Environment and Sustainability, working closely with businesses in North Yorkshire to reduce costs and stay ahead of new rules on net zero.

Jack’s background has given him insights into decarbonisation processes, and he is eager to help businesses reduce their energy and waste.

It isn’t always easy to understand what the most effective solution is to these problems. By understanding your business and your needs, I can help to simplify the complex and give you the confidence to make strategic, long-term decisions for your business as well as supporting staff engagement to drive a culture of sustainability across the business.


What do you want to learn?

Being a sustainable business is more than just a buzzword, it is a way of developing and growing your company in line with the wider society-wide move towards building a sustainable future. In this section, we look at how you can plan to run a more sustainable business, what you can do in practice, and how your business can be prepared for the move towards ‘net zero’.

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How to make your business sustainable

Becoming a sustainable business

What does it mean to be a sustainable business? How can you built in sustainable practice from the start?

Learn what it means to work sustainably

Circular Economy Guides

This series of guides on sustainable practice, recycling, re-use and reducing waste can help all sizes of businesses.

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Reducing CO2 and Net Zero

Moving to Net Zero is the biggest challenge of our time. Find out how you can make the change in your business.

Reduce your carbon emissions