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Net-Zero Business Toolkit

Every business, regardless of size or sector, can help the UK with the move to net-zero – and beyond being sustainable, it can offer real opportunities to grow your business.

The Net-Zero Business Toolkit aims to make sustainability simple, so you can get started with net-zero, saving money and future-proofing your operations. This toolkit is suitable for businesses of any sector or size, and contains a range of information and tools to help you move towards net-zero, whether you’re starting out, checking your progress, or looking to make fundamental changes to the way you work.

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Sustainability for business is a goal for many organisations. Having a sustainable business model makes economic sense. Employees, shareholders and customers want businesses to be actively tackling environmental issues which can positively affect your bottom line.

York & North Yorkshire’s ambition is to be the UK’s first carbonnegative region – carbon neutral by 2034 and carbon negative by 2040.

There are some simple steps that your business can take to be more sustainable including rethinking waste, looking at energy use, reviewing your supply chain and finding innovative ways to keep materials in use for longer.

Our ‘Circular-Economy: 6 benefits to business’ guides give immediate, cost-effective actions that you can take now. In addition, they provide details about how you can access further support to help you achieve your longer term goals.

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  • How to reduce waste costs
    Read our guide to learn about waste disposal regulations, including how to earn revenue if you regularly dispose of food waste.

  • How to increase efficiency and productivity
    Using resources more efficiently is a cornerstone of the circular economy. Learn how Cleveland Steel built a new facility using reclaimed materials, showcasing sustainability for business in action.

  • How to be a standout brand
    Consumers are increasingly looking for brands which have sustainability at their core. Stand out from the crowd in this free guide.

Download all of the Circular economy: 6 benefits to business guides here, or use the links below to download the individual guides.

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