Business Innovation & Funding

Innovation should be an accessible goal for businesses of all sizes and does not always have to revolve around technology.

There are many ways in which businesses can think creatively about how they adapt to the rapidly evolving needs and tastes of their audience.

However, businesses are often restricted by a lack of finance, resources, time or know-how to get ideas off the ground. Plus, unpredictable world events such as COVID-19 and the EU Exit, can make it difficult for businesses to think about innovation right now.

Our growth managers can work with you to refine your plans and, with strong links to partner organisations and educational establishments, help you find a route through any barriers that you may be facing.

We can help with:

  • Structural barriers
    Tackling natural or tactical barriers that arise preventing new entry into your market.

  • Financial Barriers
    Wanting to make change but lacking the funds to accomplish these goals

  • Business communication 
    Improving internal and external practices and reducing errors by sharing information in the right way.

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