Young Entrepreneur Guide

Do you have a business idea? Or do you want to work for yourself? Then the Young Entrepreneur Guide is here to help you!

Plenty of people think about starting their own business, and there are so many reasons why people want to do so. Maybe you want to turn your passion into profit, or perhaps you want to have a side hustle alongside your regular 9-5. Here are a few reasons why you should start a business.

Why you should start a business

Firstly, Starting a business gives you an excellent opportunity to grow as a person and gain confidence. You will find yourself responsible for a variety of duties because some of which you may not be familiar with. As the owner it is all on you to make the business a success. Consequently, running a business means you will learn to become more independent and decisive for the business to thrive.

You may also experience a greater feeling of job security when you run your own business. You know you won’t suddenly be made redundant or have your hours reduced. The only way you will be out of a job is if you decide to give up the company.

Running your own business may also be rewarding since you’ll know that any profit was earned by you and the business you built.

Finally, starting a business means you’ll be your own boss and you can make the big decisions. You can create new ways of doing things and not be constrained by processes and procedures that held you back.

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What to expect

  • Case studies of successful entrepreneurs
  • Who to follow on social media
  • Things to think about before you start
  • Figuring out your business idea
  • What to research
  • Choose your structure
  • Costs
  • Funding
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • How to create a business plan
  • Who can help
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This guide was developed by York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub in partnership with York & North Yorkshire Careers Hub.

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