Legal requirements and governance

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The legal requirements of starting a business can seem intimidating but, from ensuring you register your business for taxation purposes through to employment law and consumer protection, these are things you cannot afford to ignore. As well as damage to the business reputation there are potential fines if you fail to comply with legislation, even if unintentionally.

Obviously a great deal of the regulations involved will depend on the nature of your business, and some sectors are more regulated than others. Our guidance below will help you understand the different areas of law that may impact on your business.

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Legal requirements for starting a business

Check what you need to have in place both before starting a business, and during your first year.

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Setting up your organisation’s governance

What internal structures and policies do you need to make sure exist for your business?

Get your internal policies in place

What you need to know about employment law

If you’re going to be employing people, you need to make sure you have the correct policies and processes in place.

Employ new staff with confidence