Terms & conditions

The website; www.ynygrowthhub.com, is provided by the York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership [henceforth referred to as the “LEP”] to promote growth and improvement services to businesses, in order to support economic growth in its area.

Organisations wishing to be listed on the site must agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Use of www.ynygrowthhub.com [henceforth referred to as “the website” or “the site”] is offered, free of charge, to organisations providing services which can help businesses in York and North Yorkshire to improve and grow [henceforth referred at as “Partners”]. These Partners may be in the public, private or not for profit sector, but must offer improvement/growth. Other services for business are not listed on the site. The website is funded by the public sector in order to boost local economic growth, by improving access to growth and improvement services.

Whilst the LEP carries out reasonable diligence to ensure that services listed are of good quality, listings on the website are not endorsements by the LEP.

Partners are responsible for managing their own information on the site, by providing up-to-date information to support@businessinspiredgrowth.com. The LEP accepts no responsibility for inaccurate listings and information.

The LEP accepts no responsibility for advice and guidance provided by Partners through the site. Partners are responsible for any information and guidance they submit, in particular via articles. Where necessary, Partners should ensure that any guidance provided is in keeping with their own professional indemnity insurance.

The LEP does not receive any financial, or other, inducements for the placement or positioning of listings on the site. However, partner organisations listed on the site are encouraged to provide additional promotions, such as discounts or other incentives, which will benefit the business community. When such offers are provided, the LEP will work with the Partner to promote them effectively.

Partners can promote their expertise extensively within the site, by:

Submitting articles

Proposing case studies of businesses which have improved and grown

The website is provided in order to promote services to businesses. This promotion must be carried out within the Terms set out here, and in related guidance such as that on the submission of articles.

The more Partners can do to bring people into the online community the better. Including a line in your own promotional material that people can find us a www.ynygrowthhub.com is a great way of doing this. Suggesting that your service is ‘backed by the LEP’ would be considered an abuse of the website listing.