Business Funding and Finance

We can help you access the right financial support and understand what sources of finance are available for your business.     

Finance is often the most daunting part of starting a new business – or scaling one! Whether it’s your first or tenth time seeking funding, getting the right advice makes the whole process easier to navigate.

Beyond that, support with business planning, identifying efficiency savings and financial modelling can be invaluable to businesses looking to grow.

We provide a range of financial support and advice to startups, new businesses, SME’s and small businesses. 

Support and advice that we offer:

●    Tax and Regulations
What your business needs to do to ensure your business is HMRC compliant, and regulations that apply to you and your industry – especially after the Brexit transition

●    Cash flow forecasting and budgeting
Understanding how to manage your money and predict your profits.

●    Funding, grants and loans
Information on where you can find grants and loans for small businesses, SMEs and startups – and guidance on how to navigate the applications. 

●    Practical advice
We can provide recommendations for services and help you navigate the many different aspects of the world of finance.

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