Free webinar: Show me the money!

This webinar guides you through the funding options that are available to new and early-stage businesses, to help your business thrive now and in the future.

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Knowing your funding options as a start-up or early-stage business can be incredibly vital to your success, both now and for the future. By understanding the financial support available to you, you can help your business thrive and fulfil the vision you’ve put in place. As part of York Business Week, we are delivering this webinar, which will prove to be a useful primer for new and early-stage businesses on the funding options available to you. Led by Gareth Allen, an experienced performance coach who has spent many years working to support businesses, the session will provide an overview of the funding options currently open to SMEs, and go into detail about Start-Up Loans and applying for them.

Gareth will also discuss financial support from the perspective of the lender, giving you details on what they will be looking for from you so you can understand how to get the most from your funding application. Aspects such as stake, serviceability, and security will be explored to create a greater understanding of funding applications and make your business look as attractive as possible to lenders.

During the webinar, you will gain: 

  • familiarity with Start Up Loan Scheme
  • knowledge of wider funding options
  • an awareness of how a lender assesses a funding application
  • the ability to prepare your business for future funding

Speakers and partners

Gareth Allen

Gareth has a wealth of experience across many industries. Having occupied senior management roles in retail and banking, he now runs his own business and helps others to achieve their potential. He takes a “whole life” approach to coaching, helping people to achieve their goals within the context of their wider world, rather than just focusing on one small area at a time.

Gareth says, “I am passionate about helping people to reach their goals. Just as important, I want people to enjoy their journey towards those goals. It’s not just about the destination, it’s about the road we travel.”