Free webinar: Access to finance for your business

This webinar will identify and explain the sources of financial support for new businesses, guiding you through the process of cash flow management as a start-up in the wake of COVID-19 and the years to come.

Brought to you in partnership with business start-up specialists Blue Orchid, this informative webinar is a must for any new start-up looking for guidance on accessing financial support. Money can be one of the biggest barriers for start-ups, but this session will highlight the opportunities and explore any challenges you may find in the business funding landscape, making support easy to understand and access. The webinar will also explore the various types of finance options available, and look at ways to reduce costs and take advantage of the opportunities that the post-COVID landscape has to offer, making this challenging time much easier to navigate.

Built on a foundation of proven knowledge, this webinar will provide all the information and tips you need to give you the advantage against any barriers you may face. This session is perfect for new businesses who want to gain a greater understanding of finance, their support options, and managing cash flow.

During the webinar, you will learn: 

  • what finance options are available
  • the process of accessing finance and the support available
  • about crowdfunding, asset finance, and venture capital
  • the importance of cash flow management