‘North Yorkshire Stars’ Programme Prepares Businesses for Investment Success

The York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub, in partnership with Lifted Ventures, has launched the ‘North Yorkshire Stars’ pilot project. The initiative aims to get start-ups and early-stage businesses ready for investment. It offers a pathway to pitch ideas and attract angel investment.

The programme is a fully funded 12-hour support initiative, consisting of engaging in-person and virtual events and workshops. Open to all sectors, the pilot project will support diversity and founders from all backgrounds.

Industry Experts

Lifted Ventures, Co-Founded by Helen Oldham and Jordan Dargue, exists to increase the flow of early-stage capital for diverse founders outside London. They have a track record of building award-winning, highly active investor ecosystems to support innovation led start-ups. They are uniquely placed to support the strategic growth programme of the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub.

“As ‘North Yorkshire Stars’ takes flight, we want to ensure that every business owner, with their unique vision and background, has a place to shine and thrive,” said Helen Oldham.

Lifted Ventures will guide participants through the process of making their businesses investment ready. This includes specialist advice and finishes with in a unique opportunity to pitch to seasoned investors.

All bases covered

The comprehensive programme covers several key aspects for investment readiness. These include developing business plans, exploring options for funding, preparing financial projections, legal considerations, support structures, and governance.

Participants will create a winning elevator pitch and their own investor ‘pitch deck’. One-to-one coaching sessions will help refine this and prepare for investor meetings. The programme concludes with the opportunity to present to a panel of angel investors, featuring Q&A sessions and valuable feedback.

The overall goals of the project include introducing businesses to local investors, directly preparing them for investment, and boosting angel investment in North Yorkshire.

Interested in North Yorkshire Stars?

Applications are now closed. If you want further advice about attracting investment, please get in touch.

This project is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Please note this is only available to businesses in the North Yorkshire Council Area, not available to businesses in City of York.