Webinar Recording : Creating Videos for Your Business

Daniel Pingstone of Fly Flow Media recently delivered two webinars in partnership with the Growth Hub, looking at how to create videos for both products and service based businesses. In this condensed recording, Dan covers the content shared in each of those sessions.

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Every small business owner with a product or service to sell knows that some great videos could have an incredible impact. You spend a long time selecting, creating and perfecting a wonderful product. Now, you know you need some videos that capture how incredible the product is.

Knowing how to create the video that’s going to impress your customers, however, isn’t so easy.

In this half hour session we will make it much easier. Dan Pingstone, founder of Fly Flow Aerial Media, has amassed a wealth of video production experience, tips and tricks which can help the small product based business create great videos simply and cheaply.

Dan has a PhD in physics but his journey into video production started as a drone pilot in 2015, building, programming and racing his own drones. Daniel developed incredible piloting skills from hundreds of hours of experience, flying both Line-of-sight (LOS) and First Person View (FPV) drones. This experience enables him to capture awe inspiring footage. You can see his work here.

Whilst he uses high quality drones and camera equipment at Fly Flow Media he’s also amassed a wealth of experience to help you create great video content without spending a fortune, even with the phone in your pocket.

The session will cover:

  • Why Videos?
  • Budget-Friendly Video Production for a Product Business
  • Ideas for Product Videos
  • Using Customer Generated Content
  • Capturing Great Product Videos
  • Basic Editing
  • Posting & Sharing Videos
  • Alternative Approaches & Advanced Editing