Business sustainability support and grants available

Jack Colding the sustainability expert is the contact for decarbonisation support

As part of their £22.3 million of Shared Prosperity Funding, North Yorkshire Council have made both grants and support available to address funding and knowledge gaps preventing businesses taking effective action on net zero, as well as aid development and delivery of net zero interventions for businesses. The scheme of business sustainability support includes several options for small and medium businesses in all sectors.

Trusted specialist advice

Advice will be provided on a range of topics, including reducing environmental impact, adapting to a changing climate, reducing energy bills, and making resources go further, all of which can save a business money. The advice will be provided through in-house advisors and specialist consultancy support. 

Sustainability audits

Sustainability audits will provide businesses with a free in-depth assessment of business operations, giving businesses a full picture of their current environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Net Zero Menu

The Net Zero Menu offers a range of pre-approved items suitable for most businesses for which you can get grants of up to £2000 or 80% of your project costs in a shortcut application process. The menu items are:

  • improved insulation
  • moving to LED lighting
  • low-flow taps and showerheads
  • bike racks for active travel
  • motion-activated lights
  • anti-flooding measures

Capital Grants

Capital Grants for projects that will help reduce emissions, save money, and help resources go further. This work could cover energy efficiency of property and equipment, low carbon heating, renewable energy generation, decarbonising transport and supporting nature to thrive. Capital grants are available up to £50,000 and up to 60% of your project costs.

Interested in business sustainability support?

This project is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. This support offer is currently only available to businesses located in the North Yorkshire Council area, and therefore is not open to businesses located in City of York Council area.

The aim of this strand of the Business Net Zero Programme is to address knowledge and funding gaps that are currently preventing North Yorkshire-based micro, small and medium sized businesses in all sectors, under 250 staff, including sole traders and CICs, from taking effective action on net-zero. Please note you need to have been trading for minimum two years to access the programme.

Applications are open now. Register to speak to one of our business advisors about the scheme here: