Becoming a sustainable business

In this section, you can learn what becoming a sustainable business means, how to audit and understand the sustainability of your own company – and use those results to develop a sustainability plan or strategy – and reduce waste in the crucial area of your supply chain.

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Jack Colding is the Growth Hub’s new specialist for Environment and Sustainability. Jack will work closely with businesses in North Yorkshire to reduce costs and stay ahead of new rules on net zero. Jack’s background has given him insights into decarbonisation processes, and he is eager to help businesses reduce their energy and waste.

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Put sustainable principles into practice

What is a sustainable business?

Sustainability has become an increasingly talked about factor in business. But what does that mean for you in practice?

Find out more about the basics of sustainability

Developing a sustainability plan

To ensure you make the changes to your practice in a practical and ‘sustainable’ way, you need to start with a plan or strategy.

See what a sustainability plan might look like

How to perform a sustainability audit

The first step in understanding where you can make improvements to your practice is through an audit.

Learn how to perform a sustainability audit

Reducing waste in your supply chain

Your supply chain can have a big impact on the overall sustainability of your business.

Start cutting out the waste