Glossary of Climate Change Terms for Businesses

A free digital glossary defining the key climate change terms relevant to businesses, to help you understand and engage with sustainability resources and support.

Are you hoping to make your business more sustainable, but uncertain about what specific type of support you should be seeking out or what you should be looking at? Have you been hearing a lot of discussions around ‘net zero’, ‘greenwashing’, ‘natural capital’ and ‘circular economy’, but are unclear about what those terms mean?

This glossary explains what commonly used climate change terms mean and how they are used. It breaks down phrases and key words that are relevant to businesses looking to move towards more sustainable practices. You can use this glossary to better understand these commonly used phrases, and use this understanding to support the development of business plans, funding applications and other activities.

We recommend you speak with our Growth Hub for guidance on funding applications and business plans, and for resources such as the Net-Zero Business Toolkit.

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