Growth Hub Welcomes New Business Advisors for North Yorkshire

Three new team members have joined us at here the Growth Hub. Faye Greer-Pickup, Jack Colding, and Adrian O’Neill will play a crucial role as business advisors for North Yorkshire. Each will bring a unique set of skills and experiences to provide free and impartial support.

Three new business advisors for North Yorkshire join the Growth Hub team: Adrian O'Neill, Faye Greer-Pickup, Jack Colding

Faye Greer-Pickup will provide support to people looking to start businesses in the North Yorkshire area. Faye’s background in business support, and passion for assisting young entrepreneurs, makes her a valuable member to the team. Faye said, “I’m thrilled to work with pre-start and early-stage start-ups. I can’t wait to start helping them find the path to success.”

Faye’s work will involve referring businesses to the Growth Hub’s range of support for start-ups. This includes the acclaimed Strive Live Start-Up Incubator. The programme designed to equip business owners with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s market.

Jack Colding is the Growth Hub’s new specialist for Environment and Sustainability. Jack will work closely with businesses in North Yorkshire to reduce costs and stay ahead of new rules on net zero. Jack’s background has given him insights into decarbonisation processes, and he is eager to help businesses reduce their energy and waste. Jack said, “Net zero is a tremendous business opportunity. It can save costs and boost your brand while helping the environment.”

As part of £22.3m of Shared Prosperity Funding, North Yorkshire Council have made grants and support available to address gaps preventing businesses taking action on net zero. Jack Colding will assist businesses in accessing this funding, opening the door to opportunities for sustainability and growth.

Adrian O’Neill has joined as the new Skills specialist. Adrian will dedicate his time to helping North Yorkshire businesses create a well-trained and fully engaged workforce. This will help with challenges such as hiring and keeping staff. Adrian will work with businesses to put long-term skills development plans in place rather than rely on short-term fixes. Adrian’s diverse background, including teaching and working with disadvantaged groups, positions him to understand business needs. Adrian said, “Well-trained and motivated employees are the cornerstone of business success. I’m here to identify and address skills gaps, provide solutions, and connect businesses with the right training providers.”

Adrian O’Neill is helping business access an array of support. This includes an exciting programme of 30 Skills Bootcamps, supporting more than 800 learners. Skills Bootcamps can help businesses develop their workforce, with up to 90% of costs met by York & North Yorkshire LEP.

We look forward to the impact Jack, Faye and Adrian will have as business advisors for North Yorkshire. Contact our team here or via