Harnessing Heat Recovery: Crimple’s Path to Cost Savings and Sustainability

Crimple, a busy Bistro and Foodhall, aimed to reduce its environmental impact and lower its power consumption through heat recovery. To achieve this, they decided to install the DK system, a sustainable solution installed by Secker & Sons in collaboration with Creative Retail Solutions. The DK system includes a 1440 litre storage tank with eight internal heat exchangers, capable of recovering 72kW of heat. This case study highlights the benefits of this system in terms of sustainability, cost savings, and energy efficiency.

Cost Savings:

In addition to environmental benefits, Crimple experienced significant cost savings in their power consumption. The investment in the DK system was recouped in just over a year of operation. The system’s efficiency and heat recovery capabilities led to a reduction in energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills for Crimple. The monetary savings amounted to over £29,000 per annum, based on the current Energy Price Guarantee (April—July 23).

Low Maintenance Design:

The DK system’s design is straightforward and requires minimal maintenance since it has no moving parts. The heat exchangers, specifically designed for hot water production, are innovative and can remove up to 100% of the energy produced by the refrigeration plant. This high efficiency contributes to the system’s overall effectiveness in recovering and reusing heat.

Compliance and Safety:

The heat exchangers used in the system are designed with safety in mind. They comply with EN1717, a legal requirement for all drinking water systems. This compliance ensures that refrigerant and water never come into contact with each other, maintaining the integrity and safety of the water supply.

Quantifying the Benefits:

The DK system’s impact is substantial when viewed on an annual basis.

  • It can provide up to 6,200,000 litres of hot water annually for Crimple’s operations – filling 124 swimming pools.
  • In terms of energy savings, the system reduces consumption by 367,000 kWh per year –  that’s over 6 million lightbulbs!
  • Importantly, this translates to a reduction of 80 tonnes of carbon emissions annually, aligning with Crimple’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility – equivalent to around 100 transatlantic flights.

Crimple’s decision to embrace sustainability through the installation of the DK system has yielded several positive outcomes. By significantly reducing their carbon footprint, Crimple has demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship. Moreover, the cost savings resulting from reduced power consumption have had a positive financial impact on the business. The DK system’s simplicity, compliance with safety regulations, and high efficiency make it an effective and low-maintenance solution for sustainable heat recovery.

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