Fire up your Food and Drink business with Make it! toolkits

A free video toolkit to help growing food and drink businesses in York and North Yorkshire. Essential ingredients for food and drink business success.

The Supply Chain Network, in partnership with the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub, have created Make It!, a four-part free video toolkit which offers inspiring guides and expert advice to help you win more business. When it comes to independent food and drink businesses, York and North Yorkshire are cooking up great success stories – and with help from this toolkit, you could be the next local success.

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The four parts include:

Make it! with cut through innovation

Learn how to transform ideas into profitable products for the right customers while managing costs. Explore methods to cultivate novel concepts and ascertain pathways to secure funding, grants, and exceptional export prospects.

We recommend you contact York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub for guidance on funding applications and business plans.

Make it! with standout brand and marketing

The fundamental key to success is understanding your markets and customers, and engaging with them so that they buy your products. This means getting your brand and marketing just right, instilling confidence in trade buyers, and cultivating loyal consumers.

Make it! with winning pitches

To succeed in the food and drink industry, you might want to secure contracts with wholesalers, retailers, or restaurateurs. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you’re well-prepared. This guide offers essential tips for preparing and delivering a compelling pitch that will instill confidence in buyers. It will captivate them, leaving them eager to consume your products.

Make it! with food safety and compliance

Safety must be the number one priority for any business and is essential for success in the food and drink industry. Being compliant and comprehending the associated risks and opportunities are aspects that cannot be disregarded. This guide presents essential pointers on legal requirements, do’s and don’ts, as well as necessary components. If you’re uncertain, don’t hesitate to seek assistance. Numerous organizations and experts are available to aid you in both initial setup and ongoing enhancement.

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