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A well-planned sales and marketing strategy is key for business growth and setting marketing goals that align with your business aims is really important for long term success.

When determining your strategy, it is important to know who your audience is, what your goals are, and how you will reach them. However, getting started can be challenging – especially if you’re not from a sales or marketing background and need a bit of guidance.

You may have a budget in mind but how can this be maximised to gain the most traction with your audience? You may know your audience, but what are the best channels to reach them? You have set yourself sales targets but are these realistic and do they support your growth ambitions?

If you have more questions than answers, we can help. We have resources that will guide you through the basics and you can speak with our team if you require further marketing or sales support. We like to provide support to companies needing marketing help and our resources include webinars, articles, downloads, and more.

These resources will help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (also known as a SWOT analysis) so that you can make a realistic and achievable plan that’s well-suited for your business goals.

So, if you need help marketing your products or services, we have sales management training to get you going. We help small businesses and start-ups across York and North Yorkshire with free and impartial sales and marketing advice to help businesses achieve their goals. Contact us today.

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We’re here to support small businesses so they can grow – this is why we deliver online sales training and marketing help for start-ups. To find out more about how we can help with sales & marketing, just get in touch.

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