Woodworking Wonders: Tom Addison’s Furniture Flourishes with Support from Growth Hub

Tom Addison in his studio which is flourishing after Growth Hub Support

From his studio in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Tom Addison makes and designs for Tom Addison Fine Furniture. Tom is celebrating significant growth and success with vital support from the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub.

Tom was recently honoured as one of The Furniture Makers’ Company’s ’60 for 60′. The list recognises outstanding young individuals in the UK furniture and furnishing industry. Tom’s journey to success was significantly shaped by the support he received from the Growth Hub.

Tom, sharing his journey, said, “I discovered the Growth Hub through a local business group that introduced me to Nick. Our first meeting was online, and that’s when the journey began.”

Nick White, a Business Relationship Manager for the Growth Hub, recalled their first meeting. “Tom came as a referral to the Richmondshire Small Business Grant. Our online discussions led to helping Tom produce an application to the fund.”

The Growth Hub’s support proved invaluable to Tom, providing essential funding to widen his product range and take on more ambitious projects. Tom explained, “I’ve received a lot of support through the Growth Hub, with signposts to various funding and potential grants. I secured the startup grant from Richmondshire District Council, amounting to £1,000, which I used towards a bandsaw. This has significantly improved what I’m able to do. It has allowed me to take on a broader range of jobs and produce intricate curved work.”

Growth Hub support improves social media efforts

Beyond the funding, Tom highlighted the Growth Hub’s role in improving his digital marketing efforts. “I’ve received a lot of training on social media platforms, which I’ve made the most of. The Growth Hub has contributed to the growth of my business by providing me with the skills to promote my business online. I’ve created short videos, some of which have gone viral, and my audience has grown tenfold into the thousands of followers.”

Nick pointed to the broader impact, stating, “Tom is typical of a small business in a rural area. Tom’s business is a good examplar for others working from home but seeking a market outside their local area.”

Tom endorsed the Growth Hub, saying, “I recommend the Growth Hub to other businesses. It mentors in the early stages, providing ongoing support, a reliable point of contact for queries. Their experience and contacts can point you in the right direction. A fantastic springboard for young businesses.”

As Tom plans for the future, he envisions his business going from strength to strength. Tom will build on existing commissions, create unique pieces, and expand his product range. The Growth Hub remains a steadfast ally, propelling Tom and businesses like his towards success in the vibrant landscape of York & North Yorkshire.

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