Brilliant business support boosts Richmondshire’s Trimble Group

Trimble Group CEO Toby Trimble has hailed ‘game-changing’ Richmondshire business support, which is helping them flourish.

Two years ago, Trimble Group embarked on a transformative journey with York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub. Before accessing the Growth Hub’s extensive resources and expertise, Trimble Group had to shoulder all of its own challenges. This changed when they partnered with the Growth Hub.

Trimble Group, located at, is a veterinary-led communications company. They help animal health professionals create engaging content to excel at what they do.

Toby Trimble, CEO and founder of Trimble Group, said; “The York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub has been an absolute game-changer for our business. They provided us with support, guidance, and funding opportunities. From helping us develop our studio to connecting us with a trusted advisor, they’ve been there every step of the way. Their non-judgemental approach and expert advice have been helpful in overcoming challenges and building a sustainable growth plan. We highly recommend their services to any business seeking to thrive.”

Collaborating with the Growth Hub’s Business Relationship Manager Nick White, support has taken various forms. This began with help to secure a grant that played a pivotal role in establishing Trimble Group’s studio. This extra finance allowed for vital purchases such as lighting equipment. This in turn enabled the execution of multiple shoots and significantly enhancing their working efficiency.

Invaluable guidance

Beyond financial aid, Nick provided invaluable guidance that has helped shape Trimble Group’s growth strategies. Rather than dictating a rigid path, the Growth Hub has been a guiding hand. This helped the Trimble Group navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

One of the key aspects of Trimble Group’s operations is their reliance on studios. With Nick’s guidance, they expertly transformed an office space into a production facility. This was made possible through funding from the Supply Chain Network. The funding has enabled upgrades like a lighting grid and sound treatment, elevating the quality and efficiency of content production.

Furthermore, Trimble Group’s association with the Growth Hub led to great connections for the company. Toby said; “I think the most valuable thing the Growth Hub has done for us is connecting me with a valuable advisor. Having someone discuss your challenges without judgement and help you get to a solution has been instrumental to us. With this support we are building towards what we hope is going to be a really bright future.”

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