Bright Future for Harrogate Brewing Company with Growth Hub Support

Harrogate Brewing Company, a family-owned business with a decade-long legacy, is celebrating a ‘six-fold increase’ in turnover with comprehensive support provided by the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub. Director and co-owner Joe Joyce expressed gratitude for the transformative assistance received from Strive Live and Made Smarter, highlighting the significant impact these initiatives have had on their operations.

Joe Joyce of Harrogate Brewing Company

In January 2020, Joe Joyce and his wife Julie took the reins of Harrogate Brewing Company, embarking on a mission to elevate the business to new heights. Armed with a clear vision and dedication, the couple initially encountered challenges compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with strategic decisions and resilience, the company is now thriving.

A key contributor to their success has been the partnership with the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub. The journey began with Strive Live, an eight-week online programme that provided Joe Joyce with a fresh perspective on their business operations. The course allowed them to re-evaluate various aspects of the company, from marketing strategies to production planning. The supportive community offered invaluable insights, giving them a renewed sense of direction and motivation.

A real turning point, however, came with the guidance of the Growth Hub’s Mike Pennington through the Made Smarter programme. Harrogate Brewing Company secured a £7.5k grant to implement cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and production process monitoring technologies, with potential for a further £2k to fund new energy sensors. This move is poised to revolutionise the company’s efficiency and productivity, while enabling targeted product development and strategic expansion.

Joe Joyce spoke highly of the support received, emphasising its transformative impact. He said, “The Growth Hub has provided us with a vital leg up in accelerating our business. The comprehensive guidance from Strive Live and Made Smarter has not only bolstered our operational capabilities but also instilled the confidence to pursue our growth ambitions.”

Mike Pennington, a business relationship manager representing Made Smarter through the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub, echoed the sentiment. He expressed his enthusiasm for the potential of Harrogate Brewing Company and similar businesses, stating, “We are committed to empowering smaller enterprises with the tools and resources they need to flourish. The success stories we have witnessed thus far underscore the tangible benefits of our programmes.”

“Harrogate Brewing Company’s journey serves as a beacon of hope for businesses seeking to thrive amidst challenges. The Growth Hub’s multifaceted approach, blending educational initiatives like Strive Live with tangible grants and technological support from Made Smarter, has propelled the company towards a future of growth and innovation.”

The Growth Hub’s Strive Live and Made Smarter programmes are live and ready for new applicants now. For more details, email Strive Live is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.