Made Smarter Fuels Innovation with £20k Grant

Period Mouldings Limited (PML), a prominent market leader in period wood-based moulded products in the UK, has been awarded a £20,000 government grant from the Made Smarter programme to revolutionise its production capabilities through digital innovation. This substantial investment will enable PML to access an extensive array of UK designs and streamline operations, propelling the company towards accelerated growth and expanded sales channels.

Made Smarter, a national initiative dedicated to driving growth in UK manufacturing through the adoption of digital technologies, innovation, and skill development, is managed in the region by York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub. This programme offers valuable support to small and medium-sized enterprises enhancing their competitiveness and productivity.

PML’s project, “Digitisation for Throughput,” will focus on two key areas of investment. The first part of the project is about turning PML’s products and solutions into digital formats, so they can be easily accessed online. They’ll also use Solidworks software to create realistic images for augmented reality (AR) applications, giving the customer a realistic preview of the products before buying.

The second aspect will address challenges stemming from manual data entry, order tracking, and communication issues. PML, based in Melmerby North Yorkshire, intends to implement a scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to streamline processes, from raw material tracking to production, stock management, and punctual delivery.

Mike Pennington, the business relationship manager for Made Smarter in the York and North Yorkshire region, said: “PML’s strategic approach towards digitisation and innovation perfectly aligns with Made Smarter’s objective of fostering growth in the manufacturing sector through digital advancements.”

Mark Cant, Chairman of PML, said:  “The funding from Made Smarter will be instrumental in our journey towards enhanced efficiency and productivity. By digitising our production throughput, we unlock the potential for increased capital investment, skill development, and research and development, ultimately driving growth and competitiveness in the market.”

“Looking ahead, we aspire to be at the forefront of digital transformation within the manufacturing sector. By offering our wood moulding profiles through an AR interface, we aim to lead in AI-driven research and case study content, delivering unparalleled customer experiences.”

For other businesses in the manufacturing sector seeking grant funding, PML offers valuable advice: “Understand the benefits you wish to derive beyond the funding itself. This will help you build a compelling case for support and increase your chances of a successful grant award.”

Get innovation into your business with Made Smarter

For more information on the Made Smarter programme and how other businesses can apply for grants, interested parties can contact Mike Pennington at or explore the resources available at York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub’s Made Smarter page.