Recruiting staff

Find out how to recruit the right people to the right roles in your business. We have a range of webinars on recruitment, as well as specific information on apprenticeships. And you can also find out more about developing the right leadership and management skills to create the culture that retains staff once you’ve recruited them.

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Resources to support recruitment

Apprenticeships and other programmes

Find out more about apprenticeships, traineeships and T-levels.

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Attracting talent in a virtual recruitment market

This workshop will help business leaders to better understand the virtual recruitment landscape.

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Recruiting work-ready individuals

Programmes and resources to help you attract those ready and looking for work to your business.

Bring work-ready individuals into your business

Recruitment and retention webinars

These free webinars can help you with attracting talent, the recruitment process and ways to help retain your staff.

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Leadership and management

Build leadership and management skills and a culture that the right people will want to be part of.

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Employers’ Apprenticeship Toolkit

Download the employer’s apprenticeship toolkit to learn how apprenticeship training can link to your aspirations.

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Horizon Scanning: Four questions social enterprises need to answer

With so much going on in the present, it’s not always easy to look to the future. However, the identification of potential risks and opportunities is vital to the long-term health of any business, and social enterprises are no different. Horizon scanning helps in assessing whether you are adequately prepared for future changes or threats.