Free webinar: Cookies and privacy notices: do I need them on my website?

This cookies and privacy notices webinar will cover what cookies are and what cookie law is, what a privacy notice is, the laws surrounding both, and how to ensure you are being transparent to your customers when creating a cookie policy and privacy notice.

Your website is your virtual shop, where people visit to find out more about you, your business, the services/products you sell, and in some cases to purchase those services/products directly via your website.

Your website is also a place that gathers personal data about individuals:

  • If your website places cookies on users’ devices, you are gathering personal data from that user.
  • If your website allows users to complete forms to receive marketing, or is an e-commerce website, you are collecting personal data from individuals.

You therefore need to ensure you remain on the right side of data protection and e-privacy laws when it comes to what personal data you can collect and very importantly what you must tell individuals you will be doing with their data.

This cookies and privacy notices webinar will give you advice and information about how to update your policies.

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Speakers and partners for this webinar

Samantha Dunwell

Samantha has nearly 20 years’ experience working in the data protection profession both in the public, private and charity sectors.  She founded Dunwell Data Protection in 2016 after spending many years working as a Data Protection Officer within government.  Samantha now provides a wide range of outsourced data protection services to businesses including start ups, SMEs and Large Multi-nationals. Samantha is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and has successfully attained recognised data protection qualifications.

Samantha’s mission is to simplify the complexities of data protection law so that businesses can easily understand what they need to do to comply with it.  She prides herself on providing excellent services in a friendly and supportive manner.  She has seen data protection law considerably evolve, in particular with the introduction of GDPR.  Samantha’s knowledge not only covers UK domestic data protection laws, but those across Europe and worldwide.

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