Free webinar: Creating and delivering business growth

This webinar explores how to manage and achieve your business’ growth aspirations by looking at and prioritising the activities that are key to success.

As a business, growth can be essential to success, but understanding how to grow and knowing what opportunities are available to you can be overwhelming. Brought to you as part of York Business Week and in partnership with CDI Alliance, experts in SME business support and coaching, this webinar will simplify the business growth journey for you, and help you plan out your vision for your business.

The session will identify key potential areas of growth from both existing and new channels. Opportunities and potential pitfalls around growth into new or existing markets with new or existing products and services will also be discussed. The webinar will explore ways in which you can map your vision for growth and consider the resources required to deliver it, as well as the potential impact on existing systems and processes. Finally, the session will consider the five essential elements that combine to deliver the change you want and how essential a plan is to making it happen. If you have an appetite for growth as a business, this webinar will feed you with all of the information and planning ideas you need to get started.

During the webinar, you will gain: 

  • an understanding of productive routes to growth
  • a single page template to map a 3-year vision for the business
  • the five elements essential if growth is to happen as planned
  • a single page template to map and manage a growth plan