Growing your business online

Growing your business doesn’t happen overnight. Success requires years of hard work, commitment, and learning as you go. This is also true of growing your business online.  Especially for small business owners, it’s crucial to master the basics of digital marketing to expand your online presence.

Digital marketing is now more than just a tool for business growth. In today’s digital age, it’s a survival necessity. The first challenge is figuring out which marketing channels are going to work most effectively for your business.

We’ve put together a guide on how to grow your business online, and an overview of the different digital marketing channels you can use.

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Learn how to use digital channels to grow your business

Being online and growing your business online

Digital channels offer great opportunities for growth, but you need to make sure your digital presence can take advantage

Get your online growth underway

Choose your online marketing channels

Find out which channels might work best for you to reach your potential customers

Use the best channels for your audience

Choosing your online marketing channels

To help you make the right choices for your business, let’s go over some of the options available to you. It’s important to consider the pros and cons for each marketing channel and whether the channel is a good fit with your target audience. Email marketing There’s often confusion about whether email is inbound or


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The York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub are working with Growthbox, who help small businesses work out what marketing to do and connect them with their growing army of marketing experts all across the UK who can help them get it done.