Digital Transformation Days Set to Empower Yorkshire Coast Businesses

Google Digital Garage Sign on a trolley at a Digital Transformation Days event

Business owners and marketing managers in the Yorkshire Coast region are gearing up to take their digital offer to the next level as the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub prepares to host two Digital Transformation Days, in collaboration with Google Digital Garage. These events promise to provide valuable insights, networking opportunities, and actionable strategies to help businesses thrive in the digital age.

On October 16th, the event kicks off at Scarborough TEC, followed by a second session on October 17th at Pickering Memorial Hall. Limited spaces are available, so businesses are urged to register promptly to secure their spots.

Jessica Waggitt, Director of Scarborough-based provider of emergency accommodation, Homemore, is excited about her participation in the Scarborough event. She said, “I’m really thrilled to be a part of the event in Scarborough and meet other local businesses to see what they are doing to improve their businesses. A better understanding of Google Analytics and Google Search would be really useful for our business going forward.”

These events will provide attendees with invaluable benefits, including expert insights from Google professionals and industry leaders, offering the latest tailored digital marketing trends and tools for businesses in the region. Networking opportunities will abound, allowing participants to connect with local entrepreneurs, fostering idea exchange and fuelling business growth. Additionally, actionable strategies will be unveiled, equipping attendees with practical tips and tricks to bolster online visibility and engage effectively with their target customers.

For those looking to gain early insights and knowledge, two informative webinars in collaboration with Google Digital Garage are scheduled in anticipation of the Digital Transformation Days. On October 3rd, there will be a session on “Getting Started with Digital Advertising,” followed by a webinar on “Social Media Strategy” on October 5th. These webinars are designed to provide participants with essential skills and strategies to kickstart their digital journey before the main event.

Harriet Stainton, Business Relationship Manager for York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub, emphasises the significance of these events: “E-commerce and digital represent tremendous opportunities to take a business to the next level. This event is going to be a gamechanger for Yorkshire coast businesses, helping them attract more customers and make money online.”

Carey Bilton, Senior Business Advisor for North Yorkshire Council, underscores the value of bringing Google Digital Garage back to Pickering: “It’s fantastic to bring Google Digital Garage back to Ryedale. These events are always a great success, and we encourage any business interested in improving their digital marketing to sign up.”

The Digital Transformation Days are a collaborative effort between the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub, North Yorkshire Council, North Yorkshire Cyber Security Network, Google, and Discover Yorkshire Coast.

The York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub enable businesses of every size and sector to access what they need to drive success and manage growth. They provide free and impartial business support based around the needs of our unique region. If you want to find out more about what opportunities there are for your business, contact us via email or speak to our helpdesk team by calling 0800 246 5045.

The Growth Hub are currently offering several opportunities tailored to digital marketers:

  • Free webinars in collaboration with Google Digital Garage on Digital Advertising and Social Media scheduled for October 3rd and 5th respectively.
  • Free Digital Transformation Days in Scarborough and Pickering on October 16th and 17th, featuring in-person advice from Google, as well as sessions from the York & North Yorkshire LEP Sustainability and Skills teams dedicated to improving your digital offer.
  • For those in the tourism sector, free Tourism Business Booster workshops focusing on marketing strategy are available in Harrogate, Richmond, and Scarborough throughout October and November.
  • Funded training in digital marketing and software development through Skills Bootcamps from providers like Enterprise Made Simple, Calderdale College and The Coders Guild.
  • Free personalized 1-1 support with social media expert Sue Thompson, with bookings currently open for early 2024 due to high demand for initial sessions.