Operations & Process

Improving your processes can be a cost effective exercise, as well as necessary to maintaining the quality of your product or service as you grow. Seeking an accreditation can increase productivity and efficiency, in addition to serving as an added reassurance to your customers.

Operationally, outside influences such as sourcing and your supply chain can have direct impact on your cost and customer satisfaction. Plus, if you are outgrowing your existing premises you may be finding it a challenge to upscale your operations.

The Y&NY Growth Hub can work closely with you to overcome such issues and provide support aimed at preparing your operations and processes so that they can sustain your future growth plans.

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HR Support for Small Businesses

From recruitment to payroll to offboarding – there are several key responsibilities of a human resources department that keep a business running smoothly. Of course, many small businesses don’t have the capacity for an HR department and HR duties are often done by directors, managers, and administrators within the business. An HR department essentially manages