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Graphic of a computer screen with a bar chart on it. In the top left, there is a cloud with an up and down arrow to signify data going into and out of the 'cloud'.

Businesses need to invest in digital technologies to ensure that they keep connected to employees, customers and their supply chain – to do this, you may need IT support in North Yorkshire for your business.

It can be difficult for businesses to keep pace without IT support.

Businesses need to be aware of best practices around cybersecurity and particularly vigilant when it comes to personal data – the jargon-filled world of the General Data Protections Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (2018).

We can help you create a strategy for your business and point you in the right direction for IT support.

Our resources cover a range of issues and you can contact our team for more detailed information.

York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub offer IT support in North Yorkshire across the following areas:

  • Web and Digital Innovation
    What technology is available for your business, information on how to fund equipment, and how to make the most of web and digital opportunities from your business.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber crime is on the rise and businesses need to understand how to protect themselves – and their customers – from emerging threats.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    Understand best practice on how to collect and process personal information legally, protecting both your business and your customers.

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