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Retaining and Upskilling Your Workforce

It is forecast that by 2030, five million workers could become acutely under-skilled in basic digital skills

Local employers are reporting widespread skill shortages in sectors such as digital, manufacturing, engineering, construction and health care.

Around two-thirds of our employers are experiencing significant gaps in the transferable skills of their staff including communication and problem solving as well as leadership and management skills.

All these skills shortages can negatively impact on business performance and growth. However, over a third of local employers also acknowledge that they under-invest in training. Across York & North Yorkshire we have projects that can support your business to assess your training needs and get support to invest in your workforce and assist with retaining valuable employees.

Why should you invest in your workforce?

Strong leadership and management is vital in generating good workplaces that make staff feel supported and valued.
Training leaders and managers can result in improved communication, goal setting, teamwork and collaboration as well as happier and more productive teams and customers.
You can save money by increasing the abilities of your current employees, instead of spending time and budget on employing new workers.
It helps your business stay more competitive by covering all skills needs.

What are you interested in?

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Workforce skills.

A variety of learning and development opportunities for all aspects of your workforce needs; whether looking at your business processes around HR and strategic planning, thinking about moving into international markets, or developing your employees and colleagues with their transferrable, digital or sales skills.

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National programmes.

There are a selection of nationwide programmes that offer alternative pathways to upskill and reskill your teams. Businesses can receive grants to take on employees under certain schemes, such as Apprenticeships, Bootcamps, Traineeships and T Levels.

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Leadership and management.

Transform your business with leadership training that focuses on inclusivity. Create positive workplace cultures with shared values that offer opportunities for employees to grow. Practical training on HR processes can help embed systems and processes that support your team and increase their capacity and productivity. Bespoke business consultancy can provide a broad range of solutions to your skills and training challenges.

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Want to know more?

On the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) website, you can find their People Skills Hub, which includes employer resources for people management, HR, and support for leaders and managers.

If what you need isn’t covered by the categories above, just get in touch and we’ll connect you to the expertise and resources you need.