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Having a transparent and well-defined direction for your business can drive success. It helps employees understand their role and encourages a culture where everyone is pulling in the same direction. It also helps you to define your goals, identify weaknesses and understand what sets you apart from your competition.

Strategic planning also helps to ensure that your ethos and values remain at the heart of your business and that you’re consistently working with your target audience in mind. This consistency is a fantastic way to push your business in the right direction.

In addition to creating a strategic business plan for growth, there are management skills that will be key to helping you achieve. As well as business-related activities, this also encompasses people and personal skills, that will help you to communicate effectively, develop employees and make efficient use of time.

We can help you develop the necessary strategic planning skills and point you in the right direction of additional support and training where required. We can also help you to build a coherent business strategy to encourage growth, as well as set clear and defined steps for success.

If you’re looking for business management consultant advice and tips to set your small business or start-up on the road for success, we’ve got the resources to help. From articles and webinars to tips and training, we provide the tools to create a business development plan for companies across York and North Yorkshire.

Free and impartial business advice is the name of the game here at Growth Hub. We want to help your small business grow and a solid business strategy is the place to start!

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29th November 2022FREE

York & Harrogate Business Support Programme : Tourism Business Booster Marketing Planning 2023

With multiple dates in York and Harrogate, these fully funded workshops will help businesses involved in the tourism sector to plan for 2023, with Martin Evans of The Tourism Business. Benefit from dedicated group coaching with this fully funded tourism business booster for hospitality businesses in York & Harrogate.

29th November 20222:00 pm - 4:00 pmFREE

29 November - Ian Walker - Importance of Good Numbers

In this session, Ian Walker of Ian Walker & Co. Chartered Accountants will consider why having a tight grasp on your numbers and trading performance is important. Not only historic results but also on projection and budgets. He will detail how to compile such figures and how to interpret them, and also touch upon how good financials (numbers) leads to better decision making.