Employment Law

Employment law is an ever-evolving area of regulation that governs the relationship between employers and employees. This section aims to provide employers with an overview of some of the important requirements of employment law, to support them to create a fair, transparent and legally compliant work environment. This includes guidance on managing sickness, conducting a fair redundancy process and managing HR processes remotely.

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Learning about employment law


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Managing employee sickness in the workplace

From time to time, your employees are going to get ill and will need time off to recover.

Get your policies right for managing ill health


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How to conduct a fair redundancy process

What should employers take into account during the redundancy process to ensure fairness and transparency?

Manage a fair redundancy process

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How to manage a fair disciplinary / grievance process remotely

With more people working from home, discipline, grievance and performance management policies need to evolve.

Learn about remote HR processes