How could York and North Yorkshire Devolution help your business?

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The devolution deal for York and North Yorkshire is a major opportunity for our region’s businesses. It’s important that you know how it’s progressing and what happens next.

An order for City of York Council and North Yorkshire Council to create a combined authority has now been laid before Parliament.

This marks an important step forward in the devolution process. If the order is approved, a York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority will therefore be established in the new year.

The combined authority will be led by an elected Mayor and will also work in partnership with your local authority. It will deliver the powers and funding devolved from Westminster to York and North Yorkshire. This allows it to make decisions that are in the best interests of local businesses.

Here’s just some of the ways that the devolution deal could positively impact your business:

  • More investment in our towns and high streets.
  • Local decision-making will enable investments strategically. This will channel resources to significantly boost our towns and high streets. This means more opportunities for your business to thrive in an increasingly vibrant local environment.
  • Skills investment tailored to your workforce.
  • Your workforce is the heart of your business. The devolution deal will ensure that skills investment is closely aligned with the unique challenges and needs of our region. This will allow you to build a stronger workforce now and for the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Support for growth with a focus on climate-friendly solutions.
  • The future is green, and the devolution deal places importance on supporting business to adapt to more sustainable approaches. As we collectively move towards net-zero, solutions will not only focus on reducing environmental impact. They will also seek to open new doors for growth and cost reduction in your business.
  • Increased investment in housing.
  • Employee wellbeing is vital. The increased investment in housing will ensure that your staff have access to the right mix and type of housing. This will in turn help you attract and retain top talent.

We are excited about the possibilities this devolution deal offers our region and the countless ways it can empower businesses like yours.

You can keep up to date on the latest developments by visiting York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority and signing up to the newsletter.

For more information about devolution and the York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority, see the infographic below.

An infographic explaining the formation of the York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority and devolution

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