Managing staff

You know you need to train your staff – but a lot of managers and leaders can forget that they need to keep developing and learning as well. In this section we have some practical resources that address some of the most common managerial challenges – holding honest conversations, managing conflict, building resilience and creating a happier workforce. You can also get started with accessing training in management and team leadership skills.

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Resources to develop management skills

Tips for creating a happier workforce

A happier workforce is often more productive, which is better for your business. This article sets out tips for how you can create a more productive and happier workforce.

Small and big things to make happier employees

Holding honest conversations

This webinar provides a structured approach to ensure you are thoroughly prepared emotionally to hold an honest conversation.

Take your first step in tackling honest conversations

Managing conflict

This webinar will support leaders in understanding why healthy conflict is important for creating high performing teams and how to manage it.

Manage conflict in a productive way

Building resilience and supporting team wellbeing

When it comes to enhancing wellbeing, building resilience will help a leader and their teams to flourish.

See how you can help your team become more resilient

Leadership and management skills

Develop the leadership and management skills you need to run your business effectively.

Find out what training is available

Developing team leadership skills

Create a culture in your business where leadership skills are acknowledged and rewarded.

Learn more about developing leaders