Calling all Budding Business Owners: Launch Your Start-up with Award-Winning Support!

Start Up Businesses in discussion

The York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub and North Yorkshire Council are coming together and calling on budding entrepreneurs with a drive for success to seize an exciting opportunity and launch your start-up.

With the announcement of their acclaimed Strive Live Start-Up Incubator, the Growth Hub aims to nurture dozens of new, ambitious start-ups, transforming dreams into thriving businesses.

The Strive Live Start-Up Incubator, which has gained renown for its commitment to empowering over 4,000 grassroots entrepreneurs across the UK, is now coming to York and North Yorkshire for three courses beginning in September.

Offering a blend of dynamic live online training, personalised one-to-one advice, and on-demand online learning, the programme equips participants with the skills and knowledge essential for success in today’s fiercely competitive market. One of the programme’s highlights is the opportunity for participants to access grants of up to £2,500 at the end of the programme, fuelling their start-up’s progress and success.

“We have witnessed tremendous success stories emerge from our previous cohorts,” remarked Andrew Raby, York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub manager. “Now, we are thrilled to open our doors to a new wave of talented entrepreneurs. Whether you are already running one or looking to launch your start-up, our tailored programme will provide the support and guidance you need.”

The Strive Live programme is designed to cater to the unique challenges faced by start-ups, with experts working closely with participants to address specific needs and foster growth.

Daniela Genova, founder of Cafe Lago di Como in Harrogate

Strive Live Sessions offer two hours of engaging and easy-to-understand concepts, tips, stories, and tools tailored for new start-up businesses. Moreover, participants can benefit from regular one-to-one advice sessions, where experienced professionals offer valuable insights and solutions to challenges.

The programme spans seven weeks of training sessions held online during the evening, featuring access to 20+ interactive e-learning modules and a supportive network of like-minded peers. The first series of the programme begins on Tuesday, 12th September 2023.

Feedback from previous attendees speaks volumes about the impact of Strive Live courses. Andrea Clarke, founder of Hand-Sown Flowers (Newton-on-Ouse, Hambleton), who took part in the November 2022 cohort, said: “I encourage anyone who is nurturing their small business idea to sign up for Strive. The project will benefit everyone on their business journey. Engaging sessions delivered in a friendly and encouraging environment. Plus, you get to meet like-minded people, which is fabulous.”

Daniela Genova, founder of Cafe Lago di Como in Harrogate, said: “Strive is an amazing place to learn absolutely everything you need to know about business. But most importantly the team work very hard and they are always available for any questions or concerns. We really enjoyed it and we have learned a lot from the project.”