Work with the Growth Hub: Help us shape the next year of support programmes

Update 28/03/2024: Following this consultation, we now have opportunities available for potential providers which can be found here. If you would still like to provide an expression of interest to help shape future workstreams, you are welcome to do so through the form on this page

We are now planning our business support programmes for the next year, and we are looking to consult the local community of providers to work with the Growth Hub and support businesses.

The list below is based on a continuation of our recent popular programmes, as well as feedback received from the businesses we engage and our network of colleagues working to provide support services. While these are our current intended areas of focus, we are also open to other topics where there is a proven local demand.

Areas of interest

  • Access to finance
  • Accessible business (e.g. supporting customers with diverse needs)
  • Business basics (e.g. self-employment, setting up a business, formal requirements, etc)
  • Cyber security
  • Digital solutions (helping businesses to adopt e.g. online sales, targeted marketing, EPOS, online booking, websites etc.)
  • High Performance Working Practices
  • Innovation and productivity
  • Leadership and management
  • Net zero and decarbonisation (reducing energy costs)
  • Recruitment and retention (for key sectors such as hospitality)
  • Social media/profile and marketing

Sectoral Business Support

  • Farming and agriculture specialist support
  • Food and Drink specialist support
  • Hospitality specialist support
  • Social Economy and Social Enterprise
  • Tourism and Visitor Economy specialist support

Potential forms of delivery

  • Peer-to-peer programmes: both generalist and potentially groups aimed at specific sectors, localities or demographics
  • Other group programmes
  • 1:1 work with businesses
  • One off workshops or webinars: suggestions for topics welcome

We are particularly keen to hear about areas where you have identified either a strong demand from business in the area, or where there is a lack of support in the area at present.

If you’re interested in receiving updates about opportunities to work with the Growth Hub, make sure you’ve completed our Supplier Register.

Information submitted will be used to guide our planned programme of support over the next year and will not receive feedback or be subject to formal assessment. While there is no fixed deadline for this phase, we intend to launch a formal procurement process by Easter which will provide an opportunity to give full details about your proposal. This exercise will be open to all, separately to any information submitted here. Details of the formal procurement process will be shared widely, including directly to anybody who has provided information on this page or via our above Supplier Register.

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