Keeping on top of your mental health while working at home


Father and daughter supporting their mental health while working from home

It is important to keep on top of your mental health while working from home, especially if you work from home on a full-time basis or live alone. It is important we recognise how it may affect our mental health and ensure we are take care of ourselves and our colleagues. Here are a few top tips to help you stay well whilst working at home:

  • 1. Keep a positive work/life balance 

When working at home, it’s easy to work longer hours and to forget to take breaks. Consider putting a reminder in your diary for when you should take a break and when you plan to finish work. On your break, try to get outside for some fresh air and a walk.   

  • 2. Keep talking with your team members 

If you live alone, you may start to feel isolated and lonely; this can impact your mental health while working from home. It’s important that you and your team have regular check-ins virtually so you can maintain friendships and collaborations.  Find an online tool that works for you, such as Microsoft Teams, a conference call facility like Skype or by phone. Try to schedule these regular check-ins in advance and set aside 1 to 1 time with team members if you think they are struggling.  

3. Set up new ways of working 

Working remotely will require consideration as to how you will deliver work as a team. This includes deciding what collaborative working platforms will be used, how you will communicate and how you can support each other through challenges. Some of it might be trial and error so it is also to think about how you will reflect on what’s working and what isn’t.  

4. Take advantage of technology 

Use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype or other communication/collaborative working platforms to connect with colleagues and work together. It’s can also be good idea to use a range of technologies so you’re not always typing or looking at screen – switch things up with a telephone call or video call so you can see someone face to face.  

5. Encourage your team to use wellbeing support 

If your organisation has wellbeing support available, now would be a good time to remind employees of this and how to access it. You can also go to the great people at Mind as they offer counselling sessions via Skype or phone and have some other online support you may find useful. Please visit Mind for further support or request a copy of our Mental Health Toolkit.