Moving to new premises

The type of business you are will determine what kind of premises you need. If you need an office space and are just starting out, then you may want to investigate co-working spaces and other flexible options. If you need a shop unit or industrial premises, it may be worth getting professional advice to ensure that you can negotiate the right terms for your business.

As well as the physical space, you need to ensure that you mitigate any risks that come with it and hold adequate insurance. Our expert team can help point you in the right direction of support. Here, you can see guidance on finding the right premises and what you need to consider about planning permission.

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Getting started with finding new property

Finding the right business premises

There are a number of things you need to consider when searching for your ideal workspace – location, lease type, access, growth potential…

What should your new premises look like?

Getting planning permission

Many types of building work will require planning permission. This is required for anything which results in an extension to buildings or site.

Learn the basics of planning