Free webinar: Leading through change

This leading through change webinar will provide support to leaders and managers who are navigating their teams through change, or have change on the horizon, and want to ensure they bring all of their team through to the other side.

When we are faced with change, communication is key and leaders have a strong role to play. As a leader you will need to manage your own transition though change, whilst leading others with honesty, tough empathy and clarity. This online session explores how to communicate for buy-in and develop a communication strategy and approach to support and embed change.

This session will prove to be useful for anyone who is leading or managing a team of any size in any industry, and wants to know how to support all of their team through change, whether that be now or in the future.

In this leading through change webinar, you will learn how to: 

  • examine how the brain responds and reacts to change;
  • recognise the emotional impact of change on others and manage the emotional transition;
  • implement a structured approach/model to leading others through change.

Speakers and partners for this leading through change webinar

Michelle Mook

Michelle is the founder and Managing Director of Pro-Development (UK) Limited, a Yorkshire-based business which provides support in all areas of employee engagement and people development. With over 25 years of experience in people consultancy, training, coaching and team/leadership development, Michelle founded Pro-Development to help the growth of small to medium sized businesses in and around Yorkshire and the Humber. Pro-Development is passionate about building happy and productive workplaces, developing high-performing teams and leaders, and helping people identify what might be getting in the way of bringing their very best to work.

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