Free webinar: Is starting a business right for you?

In partnership with business start-up specialists Blue Orchid, this session covers the practical aspects of starting a business that you need to know, followed by a Q&A answering pertinent questions. You will receive a thorough understanding of what’s involved in self-employment / business, whether or not this would be a source of income that is suitable to you, and begin to look at the practical steps of how to formulate your idea and turn it into a reality. 

We will also look at some of the main barriers to self-employment / starting a business to better understand what viable options are available to you so that you can progress forward with confidence. In addition, we will briefly look at the differences in legal structures, the importance of market research and raising funding for your business.

During the webinar, you will learn: 

  • how to know whether self-employment / business is right for you
  • what the best type of business set up is right for you
  • how to research effectively to prepare your business
  • what are the financial liabilities of running a business
  • what funding / financial support may be available.


Promotional image for the webinar 'Is Starting a Business Right For You?', presented by Paul Ward of Blue Orchid. The main image shows hands sketching out images associated with business on a piece of paper (such as pie-charts, skyscrapers and dollar signs)