Free webinar:Resilient leadership

This webinar will help you to build your own and your team’s resilience, providing you with the tools to help you respond, change, and evolve in the face of our current ever-shifting circumstances.

Resilience is an important personal and professional attribute with a wide ranging influence on personal wellbeing, professional performance and adaptability at work – and is needed now more than ever for business owners, leaders, and managers. How we adapt to the new challenges facing organisations will have a direct impact on their performance and survival. In partnership with Emma Langton and the Institute of Directors (IoD), this session will guide you through the key areas that enhance resilience through practical, straightforward, and interactive tools to maintain and build your own resilience and to support teams to do so too.

During this one hour webinar, you will explore Emma’s 6 Pillars of Resilience framework. This shares the most effective tools and techniques so that you and your teams can handle the high pressure, demands, and difficulties by adapting positively and learning from adversity. This session will also be a boost to your confidence as a leader, teaching you how to prioritise, set goals, problem-solve, increase productivity, and ultimately reduce your stress.

During the webinar, you will learn how to: 

  • manage attitude and thinking styles so that you are able to deal with issues head-on, prioritising plans and setting achievable goals
  • be confident in building powerful support networks so that you can share experiences, feelings, and concerns in a way that is proven to reduce stress and enhance problem solving
  • manage your energy levels more effectively so that you are able to work efficiently and increase productivity
  • utilise the best forms of relaxation for your personality type to be able to look after mind and body in the most effective way