Mastering Pricing Etiquette: Starting with the basic ‘How To’ questions

14 May 2024

C4DI Northallerton are hosting this expert workshop to delve into the art of mastering pricing etiquette.

Free in-person session: 14th May 2024, 1 – 2pm

During this in person event, you will gain valuable insights on:

  • Crafting an Irresistible Offer
  • Receiving and Responding to Offers with Confidence
  • Making Effective Counter Proposals

Our expert speaker will guide you through practical techniques and strategies that will empower you to navigate pricing negotiations like a pro.

As an added bonus, attendees will receive:

  • A comprehensive list of 10 dos and don’ts for small businesses in pricing negotiations.
  • A whitepaper on procurement perspectives that big businesses adopt, which are essential for small businesses.
  • Access to a recording of a negotiating role-play session demonstrating how to effectively resist a discounting request.

If you’re looking to win bigger clients and elevate your business to the next level, then this event is a must-attend.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your negotiation skills and gain a competitive edge in mastering pricing etiquette.

Can’t make this one?

There are lots of dates coming up for York & North Yorkshire businesses. See our events page for further details.

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