Coronavirus: FAQs & resources

Small business advice

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has resources and information designed to help small businesses through the Coronavirus outbreak. See the FSB’s website.


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Government Coronavirus Information Service on WhatsApp

FAQs and guidance


Business closures list:

Retail reopening

High street shops, department stores and shopping centres across England can now reopen once they are COVID-19 secure and can show customers will be kept safe. Guidance for reopening can be found here:

Employers should also display a notice visibly in their shop windows or outside their store to show their employees, customers and other visitors that they have followed this guidance. The downloadable sign can be found here:

City of York Council have released guidance for York-based businesses here:

Social Distancing Guidelines

Details on safe workplace guidance:https:/

BEIS working safely webinars:

FAQs to summarise what you can and can’t do have been published, which are based on the new guidance:

Travelling safely:

How to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment:

Cleaning your workplace safely:

Sector-specific guidance for social distancing in the workplace:

To help employers reopen their businesses safely, a new tool has been launched to identify the most relevant guidance for your business:

How you can help

Many businesses have been asking how they can support with the response to Coronavirus. You can find more information and a form to get in touch here: