TSCN: Long Distance Freight – The Impact of Brexit

26 May 2021

FREE online event: 26 May, 10 – 11:30am | Organised by The Supply Chain Network

About this event

Organised by The Supply Chain Network, this aim of this session is to examine how your Supply Chains have been affected by Brexit, and the changes to long distance freight movements from Yorkshire to/from Mainland Europe, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Some companies have pulled out of the UK market (presumably temporarily) to spare themselves from the issues. Are shippers sufficiently informed to be able to manage new processes effectively? Forwarders and hauliers who regularly ship outside the EU are not able to process their usual clearances due to the added volume and issues caused by the new requirements. On the Irish Sea routes, disrupted freight flows are already noticeable. Cargo shipping via Dublin now means customs are involved and Operators are looking to move to NI directly, which is causing volume issues on vessels on those routes as the balance is disrupted.

There is a market shift from driver accompanied to unaccompanied trailer movements, and recent developments are making this more marked. This may make the movement of goods in containers more competitive and also may change the volume of freight through certain ports. How have the changes impacted on your Yorkshire hauliers?

Furthermore, does this create a business opportunity for your Supply Chains/businesses in Yorkshire & Humber? Stay informed about all the changes and potential impacts of Brexit on your business, and learn about the opportunities these changes may present.

The session will:

  • Examine the new paperwork and customs regime on RoRo (Roll On Roll Off) freight traffic from England to Mainland Europe, NI ports, as well as into the Republic of Ireland
  • Review the changes and impact of how ports are manned
  • Review the plans for Dover, one of the largest UK ports with 65% of UK RoRo freight
  • Look at UK capacity and how to manage peak volumes later in the year
  • Look at the nine new IT systems in operation across the ports, their issues, impacts, and how to avoid problems in the future
  • Consider how to manage impacts and disruptions to Yorkshire hauliers and movement of goods
  • Discuss business opportunities for Supply Chains and businesses in Yorkshire & Humber


Wednesday 26 May, 10.00 – 11:30am


This session will take place online. You can sign up by clicking on the link below. Further details will be provided closer to the date of the event.

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