Is starting a business right for you?

7 Sep 2021

Free webinar: 7 September 2021 10am

This webinar will help you understand what is involved in self-employment and starting a new business, as well as other aspects you need to consider including is there a demand for your idea and is now the time right to commence your journey into business?

In partnership with business start-up specialists Blue Orchid, this session will highlight the practical aspects of business that you need to know. This will be followed by a Q&A to answer any of your questions. You will receive a thorough understanding of what’s involved in self-employment/ business, whether or not this would be a source of income that is suitable to you, and begin to look at the practical steps of how to formulate your idea and turn it into a reality. 

We will also look at some of the main barriers to self-employment/ business to better understand what viable options are available to you so that you can progress forward with confidence. In addition, we will briefly look at the differences in legal structures, the importance of market research and raising funding for your business.   

During the webinar, you will learn: 

  • how to know whether self-employment/ business is right for you?
  • what the best type of business set up is right for you
  • how to research effectively to prepare your business
  • what the financial liabilities of running a business are
  • what funding/ financial support may be available.


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Speakers and partners

Paul Ward

Paul is an experienced Operations Director and more recently Managing Director of Blue Orchid. As well as helping Blue Orchid grow from an initial turnover from £80k in its first year with just two staff to a turnover of over £10m with over 100 staff at its peak, Paul has the practical knowledge of not only what to consider when starting your business, but also the areas of your operation that require attention to unlock growth.  Paul has been spending one day a week for the last 10 years, assisting thousands of people to realise their business dreams and goals by providing up to date and practical guidance on the considerations you need to make when starting your new venture.