David A. Kerfoot message to businesses as he steps down as LEP Chair

After 10 years as a board member, serving the last three years as LEP Chair, David A. Kerfoot MBE DL stood down today at his final board meeting with York and North Yorkshire LEP. Below is a personal letter to all businesses across the region.

Dear Friends,

Having helped formed the LEP nearly 10 years ago, and been Deputy Chair and now Chair for the last 3 years, it has been a privilege to work alongside you all.

Throughout, I have been a proud and passionate supporter of small and micro business which is the beating heart of our vast region. Having been a small business, I know only too well the challenges faced. This last year, I have watched our region’s businesses struggle through very hard times but the resilience, fortitude and innovation shown to survive has been extraordinary. I have done my very best to champion your voice, and as I stand down, I do so knowing that the Growth Hub will continue to give support to you in starting, growing or scaling a business as it always does in an exemplary manner.

With every good wish in your future endeavours and a huge thank you for your commitment to our wonderful region.

David A. Kerfoot MBE DL, Chair, York & North Yorkshire LEP